Books and Newspapers

Book List

ACTE DES ETATS: 7 different orders 1940~1945, printed by J. T. Bigwood Ltd, Broad Street. (Donated 1979).

ADMIRALTY: B.R. 1938, Naval Ratings Handbook, 1951. Illustrated hardback. London: Naval Training Department, Admiralty, SW 1.

ADMIRALTY: B.R.827. A Seaman’s Pocket-Book, June 1943. Illustrated, card wrappers. Supplied for the Public Service. By Authority of the Commissioners of the Admiralty. London: His Majesty’s Stationery Office, reprinted June 1944. Price 1/3d.

AIR MINISTRY: Royal Air Force Pocket Book 1937. AP1081. Illustrated, cloth cover. Reprinted in India, July 1942. NWR Printing Press, Moghalpura 1942.

AIR RAID PRECAUTIONS HANDBOOK No.1: Personal Protection Against Gas (2nd Edition). London: His Majesty’s Stationery Office, 1938. Price 6d. (2 copies the cover of one stamped “Air Raid Precaution Office, Royal Court House, Jersey”). (Donated in 1990).

AIR RAID PRECAUTIONS HANDBOOK No.2: First Aid and Nursing for Gas Casualties. London: His Majesty’s Stationery Office, 1938. Price 4d. (2 copies, the front of one stamped with oval hand stamp containing the word “Jersey”). (Donated in 1990).

AIR RAID PRECAUTIONS HANDBOOK No.4: Decontamination of Materials (1st Edition). London: His Majesty’s Stationery Office, 1938. Price 6d. (2 copies, the cover of one stamped “Air Raid Precaution Office, Royal Court House, Jersey”). (Donated in 1990).

ARENDT, Dr. Max (et al): Reichshauptstadt Berlin. Illustrated hardback, German text. Berlin: Haude & Spenersche Verlagsbuchhandlung Max Paschke, 1943.

AUERBACH, Sonderführer Dr. Hans: Die Kanalinseln. Jersey-Guernsey-Sark. Herausgegeben in Auftrage Des Befehlshabers, Jersey 1942. (No map). Paris: Pariser Zeitung, 1942. (Donated in 1980).

AUFSESS, Frieherr v.u.z.: Ein Bilderbogen von der Kanalinseln. Herausgegeben im Auftrag der Feldkommandantur der Inseln. Jersey, im Mai 1943. (Signed by author). Two copies purchased by CIOS in 1978.

AUTOGRAPH BOOK: Kept by Margaret Ginns (née Bouchére) during the German Occupation and especially when she was a student nurse at the Jersey General Hospital, from August 1944 to May 1945. Apart from some personal items, this book contains the signatures of a crew member of HMS Beagle, Joe Jones; Theo Krausen, but added when he was ‘discovered’ at Batterie Lothringen, Noirmont, in 1982; Neweel Younggren – captured in his pyjamas by the Germans at Granville, 09.03.45; Armand Dubois – an American POW who was being treated for his wounds at the Jersey General Hospital in August 1944, having been captured at St Malo; Captain C. Hargreaves, No. 20 Civil Affairs Unit; Captain Nichol; John Anderson the UNRRA captured at Granville – note signature dated 9th May 1945.; Major Frank Sargent, RAOC, Force 135, during his visit to Jersey in 1980; Second Officer of the Vega; Squadron Leader ????, RAF College Cranwell, added 27.04.83; Philip Congdon, RAF, and Peter Holt, RAF, added 27.04.83; a run of signatures dated from Anniversary of Liberation May 1984; A. Jansson ? Captain of the Vega; Thomas Tait ex-US PC 564 revisited Alderney in December 1986 (not 1968); some German signatures from 1987 including Willi Hagedorn. Donated by Michael Ginns MBE January 2004.

AUTOGRAPH BOOK: Contains signatures of Admiral Sir William Pillar, Lieutenant Governor of Jersey; Commander Douglas Williams of HMS Beagle; Phil Lawrence with explanatory note; Ed Thomas ex-PC 564, captured at Granville March 1945; Peggy Alexander, widow of John Alexander, captured at Granville March 1945; Dr Darling, Dr Frank Keiller and Occupation nurse at the Jersey General Hospital; Germans (and their wives) who had served in jersey at one time or another and returned for the 1985 Liberation celebrations; George Haas; various others; Willi and Inge Hagedorn; Helmut Morzinietz, Mayor of Bad Wurzach, 1985; Father Anton Kiebele, head of the Catholic order at Schloss Wurzach; Frau Lamle who was 92 years old when she signed this page in 1985 – she ran a pub at the village of Albers, near Wurzach, and could clearly recall the Jersey Internees calling in at her pub during their weekly walks. Donated by Michael Ginns MBE, January 2004.

AUTOGRAPH BOOK: The legend inside the front cover reads, “Reconciliation reunion of American/German/British naval personnel who served in Channel Island Waters during the Second World War. Held on October 5th, 6th and 7th, 1987, Jersey. Donated by Michael Ginns MBE, January 2004.

BERNARDS: Uniforms, Badges and Intelligence Data etc. of the German Forces, No.24. Compiled by “Factus” for use of H.G. & Service Personnel. Illustrated. Paper wrappers. London: Bernards Ltd, The Grampians, W6. Price 2/-.

BESSENRODT, Hptm. Dr: Der Insel Alderney. Paper wrappers. German text with illustrations. Written German dedication on last page dated Jersey Mai 1945. Aufsaetze und Bilder Zusammengestellt von Hptm. Dr. Bessenrodt. Druck: Deutsche Guernsey-Zeitung, Februar 1944.

BISHOP, A.C. & LAUNERT, E: Geology in Jersey During the German Occupation. The Work of Walther Klüpfel, 1941-44. Société Jersiaise, extract from the Annual Bulletin 1977, Vol.22, part 1. p.51-60. The Jersey Museum, 9 Pier Road, St Helier, Jersey.

BLAMPIED, J: Names of persons, who, during the period of Occupation 1940 to 1945, either performed or gave their knowledge and skills to Variety Entertainment. (6 copies donated by J. Blampied in 1982).

CHANNEL ISLANDS REFUGEES COMMITTEE: Report on the Work of the Committee from its Formation to December 31st, 1940. Booklet. London: Channel Islands Refugees Committee, 34 Victoria Street, SW1.

CHANNEL ISLANDS REFUGEES COMMITTEE: Alderney Relief Committee. Report on the Work of the Two Committees for the Year 1942. Booklet. London: 20 Upper Grosvenor Street, W1.

CHANNEL ISLANDS REFUGEES COMMITTEE: Alderney Relief Committee. Report on the Work of the Two Committees for the Year 1943. London: 20 Upper Grosvenor Street, W1.

CHANNEL ISLANDS SOCIETY: The Channel Islands Monthly Review, Vol.8, No.4, 24 pages, April 1945. Journal of Channel Islands Refugees in Great Britain. England: The Stockport and District Channel Islands Society at Borough Chambers, 1 St Petersgate, Stockport. Price 4d.

CHANNEL ISLANDS SOCIETY: The Channel Islands Monthly Review. Donated April 1987 and some copies from Miss Croad. Vol. 1, May to October 1941. Vol. 2, 1 ~ 6, November 1941 to April 1942. Vol. 3, 1 ~ 6, July 1942 to December 1942. Vol. 4, 1 ~ 6, January 1943 to June 1943. Vol. 5, 1 ~ 6, July 1943 to December 1943. Vol. 6, 1 ~ 6, January 1944 to June 1944. Vol. 7, 1 ~ 6, July 1944 to December 1944. Vol. 8, 1 ~ 6, January 1945 to June 1945. Vol. 9, 1 and 2, July and August 1945 (final publication).

CIOS (JERSEY): Occupation Society, Guernsey Press Cuttings and photographs. Album presented to the Jersey Branch of the CIOS on the 12th July, 1974.

CORTVRIEND, V.V: Isolated Island. Paperback. The Thrilling Story of the Nazi Invasion of Guernsey. London: Streamline Publications Limited, 105 Curtain Road, EC 2, 1960. Price 2/6d.

DELTA STANDARD REPORT: Preliminary Report on Channel Islands Occupation Bibliography. 109-page list. Delta: 1st February 1989.

DEPARTMENT OF LABOUR: States of Jersey, Department of Labour Report on Work during Four Years of the Occupation, July, 1940, to July, 1944. (Photocopy donated by J. Aubert in 1977).

DE ST CROIX, E.J. (JACK): Eight red scrapbooks compiled by Mr E. de St Croix during the German Occupation. These were not intended to be read as a history of the Occupation but rather how the events of that period affected the life of one man and his immediate family. The notes within reflect a personal opinion penned at the time and often under great difficulty and stress. Contents include personnel notes, aerial leaflets, Occupation ephemera, newspaper cuttings, two Organisation Todt armbands, 2 x 2/- Occupation notes, etc. Donated in August 1998. 1) July 1st 1940-December 30th 1940; 2) January 1st 1941-May 19th 1941; 3) May 20th 1941-December 3rd 1941; 4) December 5th 1941-July 28th 1942; 5) August 10th 1942-February 27th 1943; 6) March 6th 1943-September 1st 1943; 7) September 3rd 1943-May 12th 1944; 8) Essential Commodities.

DIARY ~ CALENDAR, 1940 (unused): Sold in aid of New Street Boy’s School, Jersey, Sports Fund. Picture of His Majesty, King George VI on the cover. Contains messages and broadcasts from the King, Prime Minister and MPs. Raistrick & Co. Ltd, 281 Leeds Road, Bradford. Price 2d.

DURAND, Ralph: Guernsey Under German Rule. Paperback. London: The Guernsey Society, August 1946.

EHRHARDT, J: Vormarsch im September. Illustrated hardback, German text. Germany: 1941.

EIN JAHR 5./153: Wacht am Kanal, Jersey, im Januar 1942 (One Year 5./153. Guarding the Channel, Jersey, January 1942). Illustrated, 30 page booklet, produced locally by Luftwaffe Flak Abteilung 153. Original copy and photocopy. (Original Deposited January 2005)

ELLINGTON, Ralph: The German Underground Hospital, 1942~1945. Illustrated 23-page booklet. Impress, February 1971. Price 35p.

FERNAUFKLARUNGSGRUPPE 123: Kriegs~Weihnachten 1940. Dienststelle L00461. Illustrated photocopy of the Luftwaffe Unit, 2 Staffel Aufklarungsgruppe (F) 123, (No.2 Wing Long Range Reconnaissance Group 123), 1940 Christmas Journal, which was stationed at Jersey Airport.

FIRST TOWER SCHOOL (Reminiscences of): A Century of Service 1901~2001. Contributions by former parents and pupils, past and present teachers. References to German Occupation and Liberation. Illustrated booklet. Jersey: First Tower School, 5th April 2001. Donated by John Aubert, April 2002.

FROSSARD CBE MA, Canon E.L: The German Occupation of Guernsey. Dean of Guernsey, 1945-1968 (Abridged). La Société Guernesiaise, Guille-Allès Library, Guernsey.

FLIEGER LERNEN!: Schul-, Übungs-, Reise- und Merzwecke-Flugzeuge. Zusammengestellt unter Mitwirkung des RLM.

GARNIER, Val Sherman: Medical History of the Hospitals During the Occupation of Jersey 1940-1945. September 1997.

GERMAN UNDERGROUND HOSPITAL (THE): The First Casualty. The German Underground Hospital and Jersey’s Occupation Experience. Jersey: Sanctuary Inns Limited, 1988.

GERMAN UNDERGROUND HOSPITAL (THE): Captive Island 1940 to 1945. Exhibition Guide. Event Communications Ltd, The Loft, The Clove Building, 4 Maguire Street, London, SE1 2NQ (2001).

GINNS, Michael: Grouville Common During the German Occupation. Extracted from the Bulletin of the Société Jersiaise, 1973, Vol.21, Part 1B, p.194-199. Jersey: The Museum, Pier Road, St Helier.

GINNS, Michael: Report on sites of German defensive structures in Jersey of military and architectural importance. Contains 73 pages with illustrations. July 1986.

GINNS, Michael: A Guide to Alderney’s German Fortifications. The Alderney Society and Museum, August 1981.

GINNS, Michael, & BRYANS, Peter: The German Fortifications of Jersey. Original manuscript and photographs. Published in booklet format in 1975.

GÖTZ, Karl: Brüder über dem Meer. Hardback, German text. Germany: Adolf Spemann, Stuttgart, 1942. Inside front cover bears the round hand stamp of SOLDATENHEIM II ST BRELADE’S/JERSEY. Bücher-Verz. Abt V Nr 11 H.

GRANDIN, REG: Smiling Through, Jersey 1940-1945. “A Chuckle a Day Kept Depression at Bay. Paperback. Printed by The Evening Post, Jersey, December 1945.

GRIBBLE, Leonard: Coastal Commandos. Paperback. London: Digit Books, Brown Watson Ltd, The Grampians, W6. Price 2/-.

GUERNSEY (States of): Committee for the Control of Essential Commodities Report on Essential Supplies & Services during the Occupation of Guernsey by German Forces and the Work of the Committee, August 1945. Printed by the Guernsey Star and Gazette Company, Limited, Bordage Street.

GUERNSEY (States of): Forty-sixth Annual Report of the Medical Officer of Health, for the year 1944. Guernsey: 1946.

GUERNSEY (States of): Forty-seventh Annual Report of the Medical Officer of Health for the year 1945. Guernsey: 1946.

GUN-FUN: Sarnian Salvoes ~ Somerset Salvoes. Regimental magazines, My ~ December 1945, produced by 618 Regiment, Royal Artillery, 302 Infantry Brigade, Force 135, who were stationed in Guernsey. Two original magazines and one photocopy contained in a red ring binder. (Deposited January 2005)

HAUTLIEU SCHOOL: Local Economics Study Group, 1969-70. Living in Jersey in 1945. The Occupation ends ~ The Work of Reorganisation begins.

HIS MAJESTY’S STAIONERY OFFICE: Documents concerning German~Polish Relations and the Outbreak of Hostilities between Great Britain and Germany on September 3, 1939. Paper wrappers. London: His Majesty’s Stationery Office, 1939. Price 1/-.

KIPLING, Rudyard: The Fringes of the Fleet. London: Macmillan and Co., Limited St Martin’s Street, 1915. Price 6d.

KNÖTEL, Herbert & SIEG, Herbert: Handbuch der Uniformkunde. Illustrated hardback, German text. Hamburg: Von Diepenbroick-Grüter & Schulz, 1937. Donated by Mr. L. Hill, 1978.

KRIEGSFLUGZEUGE: Deutsche, italienische, britisch-amerikanische und sowjetische Kriegsfluzeuge. Zusammengestellt unter Mitwirkung des RLM. Stand Sommer 1942.

LEALE, Jurat John: Report of Five Years of German Occupation by Jurat John Leale President of the Controlling Committee States of Guernsey 1940~1945. Wednesday, May 23rd, 1945. Reprinted from the “Guernsey Evening Press”. (Photocopy donated by D. Adams from Dorset).

LE BROCQ, N. S: Jersey Looks Forward. With a Foreword by Harry Pollit. Published by the Communist Party, 16 King Street, London, WC2, 12th September 1946. Price 2/6d.

LE BRUN, Donald ~ Jersey Album Jersey 1940~1945. Occupation & Liberation Stamps, First Day Covers, Red Cross Messages, and other items of interest contained in an old post card album. Donated to CIOS (Jersey) by A. Le Brun, December 2002. Contents: Philately: 50 Occupation Covers 33 Liberation Covers 1948 50 Assorted Covers Various Occupation Stamps 37 Red Cross Letters Ephemera: Evening Post 29th June 1940 Evening Post 9th July 1940 Jersey Weekly Post liberation Supplement May & June 1945 Jersey Evening Post Supplement 8th May 1970 Jersey Evening Post cutting 7th May 1977 2 ‘Das Festungsblatt’ aerial leaflets both dated 20 Februar 1945 The Channel Islands Monthly Review. Vol. 9. No. 2. August 1945 Letter to President of the Committee of Agriculture, 9th October 1942 Ration Book (Child’s) 1953-1954 Jersey 6 German Occupation Requisition Orders 4 States of Jersey 6d notes 3 States of Jersey 1/- notes 1 States of Jersey 2/- note Postcard – German Band Marching along Royal Parade, Jersey, 1940

JA – Jersey Airways Limited label Ordnance Survey Map of Jersey Second Edition 1942 used by Liberation Troops in 1945, showing Mined and Fortified areas.

LE QUESNE, Dr W. J: Under the Swastika in Jersey (The experiences of a University Student). A hand written 127 page journal of 12 chapters. Dr Walter Le Quesne describes the events leading up to the German Occupation of the Channel Islands and the first six months of German Occupation, 14th June 1940 to 31st December 1940, from an undergraduate’s perspective. Red file containing a typed copy of the hand written manuscript (Deposited December 2005).

LE QUESNE, Dr W .J: Under the Swastika in Jersey. Hand written rough notes, 61 pages, for the above mentioned journal contained in a ‘News Cuttings’ album. Inserted into album are 19 pieces of scrap paper, which have also been used for making notes.

LE QUESNE, Dr W. J: Two albums containing ‘Evening Post’ newspaper cuttings from 19th June 1940 to 26th June 1945, compiled by Dr Walter Le Quesne. Several of the cuttings are out of chronological order.

Album 1: Titled ‘Press Cuttings relating to the German Occupation of Jersey’, from 19th June 1940 to 21st July 1944, 362 pages. The album is catalogue No. 32 of William Dibben & Sons, Ltd, Builder’s Merchants, Southampton, and the cuttings have been glued over the illustrations.

Album 2: ‘Evening Post Cuttings from 11th July 1944 to 26th June 1945. The album is a Works Ledger from a local garage. Only 38 of the 199 pages contain cuttings. The album contains 13 loose cuttings and a two page typed report, ‘Excerpts from States Memorandum to German Authorities’ dated 26th August 1944.

LETTS: Rough Diary for 1940. Contains hand written details of farming in Jersey during the Occupation and has been extended to cover 1941 and some of 1942.

LEUTWEIN, Dr. Paul: Das deutsche Africa und seine zukunst. Illustrated hardback, German text. Berlin: C. U. Weller, Berlagsbuchhandlung, 1937. Title page bears a hand stamp, Vereinnachmt Bücherie der Luftkriegsschule Berlin- Gatow E.Nr. 3321/St.Nr. W.915.

LEWISHAM CHANNEL ISLANDS SOCIETY: Minutes Book of the Lewisham Channel Islands Society March 1943 ~ September 1944.

LIBERATION DAY CAVALCADE COMMITTEE: Liberation Cavalcade, Guernsey, 1945~1975. Souvenir Programme. Price 10p.

LISTE DES CONTRIBUALES AU RÂT: De la Paroisse de St Brelade par l’Anne 1943. Printed by Filleul et Queen, Imprimeurs, 14 New Street, Jersey. (Donated by J. Aubert 1983).

LONDON: Militärgeographische Angaben über England. Generalstab des Herres. Abteilung für Kriegskarten und Vermessungswesen (IV.Mil.-Geo.) Berlin 1940. (Donated in 1983).

MARQUIS DE SLADE: Yeomen of Valhalla. First Series: Behind the Siegfried Line Volume 1. Germany: Published privately in Mannheim.

MARQUIS DE SLADE: The Frustrated Axis. Germany: Published privately in Witten.

MAUGHAM, R.C.F: Jersey Under the Jackboot. Paperback. London: W.H. Allen, 10th Edition 1960. Price 5/-.

MINISTRY OF INFORMATION: Front Line 1940~41. The Official Story of the Civil Defence of Britain. Illustrated. Paper wrappers. London: His Majesty’s Stationery Office, 1942.

MINISTRY OF INFORMATION: By Air to Battle. The Official Account of the British First and Sixth Airborne Divisions. Illustrated paperback. London: His Majesty’s Stationery, 1945. (Torn Cover)

MUSEUM (THE): Pier Road, Jersey, C.I. Articles of Surrender signed by Major General Heine of the German Forces and Brigadier Snow of the British Forces in HMS Bulldog off St Peter Port Guernsey, 9th May 1945. Extracted from the Bulletin of the Société Jersiaise, 1959. Vol.17, part III, pages 243-253.

NAVAL STAFF INTELLIGENCE DIVISION: Merchant Ships Identification. NID 02148/41. BR115. Illustrated hardback. 1941.

OBERKOMMANDOS DER WEHRMACHT: Landwirt-schaftlicher Grundlehrgang. 1. Teil. Soldatenbrief zur Berufsförgerung ausgabe C: Landwirtschaftliche Lehrgänge nur für den Gerbrauch innerhalb der Wehrmacht. German Army illustrated educational paperback book. Copyright 1941 by Ferdinand Hirt in Breslau. First page has eagle and swastika and Einheit Feldpostnummer 30662 round purple hand stamp (1st Company Pz Jg Abt 225 – Anti-Tank Gun Company stationed in Guernsey). (Deposited December 2005)

OCCUPATION RESOURCE ‘85: An Educational Resource on the German Occupation of Jersey, prepared by Martyn Brown, Jean Le Boutillier and John Renouf. Box file containing the following files: Introduction; A: Food, Clothing and everyday needs; A 1.3: Superior Council; B: Social Life; C: School and Work; D: Restrictions 1 ~ 3; D: Restrictions 4 ~ 7; E: Fortifications; F: Events; G: Transport; Miscellaneous Items. Joint Jersey Museums/In-service Education venture, 1985.

OCCUPATION (THE): A JPL Book List. The Second World War in Jersey (and other Channel Islands). A Local History Book List. Jersey: Designed & Printed for Jersey Public Libraries by States Greffe. (Donated by J. Aubert 1977.

PANZER ABTEILUNG 213: Weihnachts-Zeitl 1944. Der Einheit Feldp.Nr 47113. Original hand typed and illustrated, 30 page, Christmas journal of Tank Company 123 stationed in the Channel Islands. This copy was originally obtained from Guernsey in 1978. Copy of German Armour in the Channel Islands 1941 ~ 1945, CIOS Archive Book 4. All contained in a red ring binder. (Deposited January 2005)

PERRIN, W. Bro. Dennis G. (PAGDC): The Sacking of the Masonic Temple in Jersey by the Nazis in 1941. January 1991. Price £2.50.

PERRIN, Dennis G: 50th Anniversary in Jersey (article re: The Sacking of the Masonic Temple in Jersey by the Nazis in 1941). Masonic SQUARE The Magazine for Freemasons Everywhere, June 1991, p.95-99. Price £1.75.

REGISTRE D’IMMATRICULATION: Consulat de France a Jersey. Register III (Audouin-Jaffré) of French Nationals residing in Jersey, 1946. Contains a photograph of the person and details of name, local address, date of residence, date & place of birth, etc.

REY, Charles: The Observatory; Maison Saint Louis. Extracted from the Bulletin of the Société Jersiaise, 1960. Vol.17, part 4, p.313~320. Jersey: The Museum Pier Road.

ROBINSON, W. P. A: The Gardener-Smallholder for Profit. England: W. P. A. Robinson, Aveton-Gifford, S. Devon, 1946. Price 5/-. Signed by author “WPA Robinson, Lt-Colonel RA, Island Commander, Jersey, May 9th to Aug 3rd, 1945”. (Donated by A. Allix, 1983).

RUSSELL, Sam (special correspondent of the Daily Worker): Spotlight on the Channel Islands London: Daily Worker League, 324 Gray’s Inn Road, WC1. Price 6d.

HOFFMANN, E. T. A: Meister Martin der Küfner und seine Gesellen. Hardback book published by Rütten & Loening Verlag Potsdam. Ink inscription on first page, “ Kriegsweihnachten 1943 Jersey 2. Kompanie”. (Deposited December 2005)

SINEL, Leslie: The German Occupation of Jersey, 1940~1945. A complete diary of events from June 1940 to June 1945. Paperback. Printed and published at “The Evening Post”, Jersey. November, 1945.

SINEL, Leslie: Swastika Over Jersey. An outline of the German Occupation and the Liberation of the Island. Guernsey: The Guernsey Press Company, Limited, April 1958.

SINEL, Leslie: Croix Gammee sur Jersey. Un résumé de l’Occupation Allemande et de la Libération de l’île. Traduit de l’anglais par Michel Jeanne. (Donated in 1990).

SOLDATENHEIM ST BRELADE’S: Colour photocopy of the German Soldatenheim II (Soldiers’ Home) guest book, which was situated at the St Brelade’s Bay Hotel. (See CIOS Review No.25, p.12~24).

SOLDATEN SINGEN: Marsch~und Soldaten~Liederbuch. German songbook, 78 pages.

SPALECK, Martin (Capt): Description of Reichsmarschall Hermann Goerings yacht “Carin II” (with photographs) when she offered for sale in May 1979.

STEVENSON, David Stuart: Memories of a Time and Journey. 50th Anniversary of the Liberation of Channel Islanders from a Prisoner of War Camp in Germany 1942-1945.

STOCK, F: Die Bretagne ein Erlebnis. Alsatia 1943. Illustrated. Text in German. Inscription in Front of Book reads “Der Stabszug beim Hafenkommandanten Jersey gratuliert dem Matr.Ob.Gefr. Wilhelm Lorda zu seinem heutigen Geburtstage. Oberleutnant und Stabszugführer. Jersey, den 3.Okt 1944”. This book and the postcard inside were Liberated from the Pomme d’Or Hotel at the Weighbridge on 9th May 1945. The Liberator was Lieutenant Leslie Jackson, RNVR, Senior Officer Minesweepers, who brought the HM MMS 250 into St Helier harbour on Liberation Day 1945.

STROOBANT, Frank: One Man’s War. Illustrated paperback. Channel Islands: Guernsey Press Co. Ltd, 1967.

VAGTS, Alfred (Dr): Hitler’s Second Army. Illustrated paperback. Washington D.C: The Infantry Journal, 1943.

WAR DEPARTMENT: German 88 mm Anti-Aircraft Gun Material, Technical Manual, 29 June 1943. TM E9-369A. Illustrated paperback. Washington: War Department.

WAR OFFICE: Instructions for Armourers 1931, Supplement No.2. Guns, Machine, Bren, .303-IN., Mark I. Mountings, Tripod, Bren .303 IN., MG, Mark I, and accessories. Reprinted with Amendments (Nos. 1 and 2) and (No.3) promulgated in ACI 1602 of 1940. Paperback with fold out diagrams.

WAR OFFICE: Periodical Notes on the German Army No.19 (Based on information received up to 2nd June, 1940).

WAR OFFICE: Periodical Notes on the German Army No.21 (Based on information received up to 31st May, 1940).

WAR OFFICE: Periodical Notes on the German Army No.22 (Based on information received up to 15th June, 1940).

WAR OFFICE: The German Army in Pictures. Prepared by General Staff, War Office, January 1941.

WATCHMAN (pseudonym): A Jersey Country Parish During the Time of Occupation. Oxford: The Church Army Press, Cowley.

WIEDERMEYER, Gerhard: Gibralter. Zwingburg im Mittelmeer. Illustrated 48 page booklet, German text. Berlin: Verlag Karl Curtius, 1941.

WINNIG, Augst: Stiegel der Holzhauer. Illustrated, 106 page booklet. Leipzig: Verlag von Philipp Reclam jun. 1943.

WOLFF, Dr. Paul: Skikamerad Toni. Illustrated hardback, German text. Frankfurt A.M: H. Bechhold Verlagsbuchhandlung (Inh. Breidenstein), 1936.

WULF, Rudolf (Generalmajor): Die englischen Garnisonen auf Jersey. Hand made illustrated presentation book with dust sleeve. Inscription reads “Kommandeur Gren. Regt 582 Oberst Prahl zum Abscheid aus der Festung Jersey alle guten Wünsche!” and signed “Wulf Generalmajor und Kommandeur der 319 Inf. Div, 4. April 1945.

WYATT, Horace: Jersey in Jail 1940~45. Pictures by Edmund Blampied. Special edition No.702 of only 750 copies. Signed by the author and the artist. Jersey: Ernest Huelin. Printed in England by Alba Press Ltd, 80 Fleet Street, London EC4.

German Occupation Newspapers

Evening Post Collection
Contains a large number of “EPs” from the following years:- 1940, 1941, 1942 (some in albums and some laminated), 1943, 1944 and 1945.

Jersey Weekly Post Liberation Supplement and Souvenir of the Royal Visit, May and June 1945. (2 copies).

Jersey Evening Post, 8th May, 1970: A supplement to commemorate the silver jubilee of the island’s liberation from Nazi occupation. May 9th 1945 and back they came.

DEUTSCHE INSELZEITUNG: Jersey Mittwoch, 13 Mai, 1942, jahrgang 2. Nr.204.

EVENING POST: Jersey, Tuesday, January 15th, 1942. Donated by Harry Aubin, Jersey.

EVENING POST: 28 copies from 1943 and 1944.

EVENING POST: Jersey, Friday, 11th May, 1945, and cuttings regarding Occupation of Channel Islands. Donated by Mr. A. Jackson, Stanmore, Middlesex.

EVENING POST cuttings mounted on cardboard from 1940 editions.

EVENING POST cuttings mounted on cardboard from June 1940 editions.

EVENING POST cuttings mounted on cardboard from 1941 editions.

EVENING POST cuttings mounted on cardboard from 1942 editions..

EVENING POST cuttings mounted on cardboard from 1943 editions.

EVENING POST cuttings mounted on cardboard from 1944 editions.

EVENING POST cuttings mounted on cardboard from 1945 editions.

EVENING POST a number of pre and post war editions.

FRENCH: 28 War Time newspapers.

GUERNSEY NEWSPAPERS: The Star 15th June 1943; Guernsey Evening Press 16th June 1943, Guernsey Weekly Press 15th May 1945.

JERSEY EVENING POST: 9 ring binder files containing articles regarding the Occupation and Liberation period of the Channel Islands.
1) 1971 ~ 1976.
2) 1976 ~ 1979.
3) 1979 ~ 1983.
4) 1984 ~ 1985.
5) 1985 ~ 1989.
6) 1990 ~ 1991.
7) 1992 ~ 1993 January to July
8) 1993 August to September ~ 1994.
9) 1995 part May ~ December 1996.

NATIONAL NEWSPAPERS: War Time and Post War (some laminated).

NEWSPAPER and MAGAZINE articles (modern) regarding Occupation of the Channel Islands