CIOS Archives Books


1980, CIOS (Jersey). Archives Book 1. Numbered limited edition

Jersey Besieged. Wartime Photographs of local defences from official German sources by Michael Ginns.

1981, CIOS (Jersey). Archives Book 2.

The German Field Post Office in the Channel Islands by Michael Wieneke.

1981, CIOS (Jersey). Archives Book 3.

Verstarkung der Kanalinseln (Reinforcing the Channel Islands 1941). Hitler’s Fortification Orders.

1983, CIOS (Jersey). Archives Book 4.

German Armour in the Channel Islands 1941~1945. Panzer Abteilung 213 in Text and Pictures by Michael Ginns.

1983, CIOS (Jersey). Archives Book 5.

Channel Islands Merchant Shipping 1940~1945. A Maritime History in Text and Pictures by Captain John Wallbridge.

1984, CIOS (Jersey). Archives Book 6.

Occupation Camera. Photographs from the collection of John Buesnel, by Michael Ginns.

1993, CIOS (Jersey). Archives Book No.7.

German Tunnels in the Channel Islands by Michael Ginns with plans by Paul Burnal.

1994, CIOS (Jersey). Archive Book No.8. (Revised and reprinted 2006)

The Organisation Todt and the Fortress Engineers in the Channel Islands by Michael Ginns.

1999, CIOS (Jersey). Archives Book No.9.

Jersey’s German Bunkers by Michael Ginns.

2002, CIOS (Jersey). Archives Book No.10.

Batterie Lothringen. 3./Batterie, Marine Artillery Abteilung 604, Noirmont Point, Jersey. March 1941 ~ May 1945, by Paul Burnal. The Story of the only German naval coastal battery to be established in Jersey during the Occupation.


1983, CIOS (Guernsey). Publication No.1.

German M-Class Minesweepers of the Channel Islands 1940~1945, By Captain John Wallbridge.

1997, Guernsey Armouries, Guernsey.

A Guide to German Fortifications in Guernsey, by Ernie Gavey, HNC.