CIOS Archives Folders

ALEXANDER, J. V: Welfare Officer UNRA. Report of his capture at Granville and related items.

ANIMALS SHELTER: 12 typed pages, with amendments, of memories of the Jersey Animals’ Shelter during the German Occupation. Illustrated booklet Jersey Animals’ Shelter. The Work of the Animals’ Shelter During the Occupation of the Channel Islands, by Harold Stephens, 1968. Printed 1995.

ANGLO-GERMAN Reconciliation. October 1987.

ARNOLD, Colonel B.E (Royal Artillery): The Alderney Story. Operation “Blazing”, Allied plan to attack Alderney in May 1942.

ASHLEY HOUSE, Five Oaks, Jersey. Letter commenced 26th December 1941 and completed on 21st May 1945 by the occupier describing the German Occupation of Jersey. Donated by Mrs M. Backhurst, Hilgrove Books.

ATLANTIC WALL (THE): Testament to the Third Reich. A study of the German Defences of the Atlantic Coast during 1941-1944. A dissertation submitted by Christopher Philip Ralphs for Bachelor of Architecture (Honours) The Mackintosh School of Architecture Glasgow University, April, 1994.

BEFEHLSHABER KANAL ~ INSELN: Notes on German Units Stationed in the Channel Islands and map tracings. Found amongst the papers of K. J. Nowlan, 1992. On loan to CIOS from Brian Read.

BEHIND WIRE: Unpublished 149 page memoirs of his deportation and internment at Biberach 1942~1945 by Mike Shepherd. (Deposited January 2005)

BLACKLER, Robert (Lieutenant): American POW in Jersey.

BRITISH & AMERICAN POWs in Jersey compiled by Margaret Ginns (2 folders).

BRITISH PATRIOT Leaflets, Jersey.

CAPSTICK, Constance: The Occupation of Jersey. Occupation memoirs of Mrs Capstick, manageress of the Grouville Hall (now Grouville Bay) Hotel during the war, dated 15th June 1956.

CASQUETS RAID Operation “Dryad”: CSM Winter MM. Report donated by F. C. Goodley, Trinity House, 1984.

CHARPENTIER, Dr. A. E. L: Occupation reminiscences and personal paper work.

CHARTER OF FRIENDSHIP between the people of the Channel Islands and the German people, 1976.

CHASSE DE LA LIBERATION. Jersey Old Motor Club, 6th August 1995.

CIOS (Jersey) Archives: Lists of items deposited with the Jersey CIOS Archive. CIOS (Jersey): Correspondence 1995.

CIOS (Jersey): Newsletters from January to September 1975.

CIOS (Jersey): Hon. Secretaries Annual Reports from 1978. Fixture Lists from 1975.Other material related to Guernsey.

CIOS (Jersey): Scrapbook of Society Events from 1973 to 1976 compiled by Robin Cox. (Deposited January 2005)

CIOS (Jersey): Scrapbook of Society Events from 1976 to 1978 compiled by Robin Cox (Deposited December 2005)

CLARK, Edward (Captain): American POW in Jersey.

COAKER, F. W. J: Some of my experiences during World War 1939 ~ 1945. Donated by Mrs Joyce Lake, Exeter.

COURT MARTIAL DOCUMENTS and PERMITS (photocopies). Donated by Mark Lamerton 1982.

“DAISY MAE SCRAGGS” MEMORIAL: B24-J American Liberator crashed on Chausey June 1944. See Occupation Review No.23, 1995, p.89~92.

DIE PAROLE DER WOCHE: Ausgabe A. Folge 25. Partieamtliche Wandzeitung der NSDAP. Herausgegeben von der Reichspropagaleitung der NSDAP. München. 18. Juni 1941. Anti Churchill/British poster, approximately 2.5 foot x 3.5 foot.

DEDELSTORFER WOCHENBLATT: Newspaper of the 135 Wing RAF, 22nd August 1945 (photocopy). Contains article on “The Channel Islands ~ After the Germans”.

DRÄGER AIR FILTERS: Correspondence, line drawings and factory catalogues. Donated by Joe Mière.

DUBRAS (Leon) Collection: Documents and correspondence regarding Algerian & North African POWs in Jersey. See

CIOS (Jersey) 1985 Review, French North African Prisoners of War in Jersey, by Margaret Ginns, p.50~70.

ESCAPES from Occupied Jersey, 1940~45: Newspaper cuttings and photocopies.

FELDERRNHALLE, München, period print.

FELDKOMMANDANTUR 515 & ORGANISATION TODT: Two folders containing photocopies of 1940-1945 correspondence (some with English translation) concerning land requisition for fortifications, railways, etc. (Deposited December 2005)

FESTUNG JERSEY 1940-~1945: Research and notes compiled by Robin Cox. (Deposited January 2005)

FK515, FIELDPOST NUMBERS & MANUFACTURER’S CODES: Research and notes compiled by Robin Cox. (Deposited January 2005)

FRENCH NORTH AFRICAN POWs in Jersey. Margaret Ginns. (Article appeared in the 1985 CIOS (Jersey) Review).

GERMAN FORTIFICATIONS: Eleven sketches of German Fortifications in Jersey by Anthony Goodlad dated 1977~1978. (Deposited January 2005)

GERMAN UNDERGROUND HOSPITAL (THE): ? 1950’s Illustrated 10 page Guide Booklet with colour picture on front cover and black and white booklet.

GINNS, Michael: Do They Ever Come Back? Part I ~ Herr Curt Wolperding; Part II ~Herr Georg Brefka; Part III ~ Herr Siegfried Köhler. The original articles appeared in the CIOS Review, 1983, 1998 and 1991 respectively, but were enlarged to poster size for a display at the German Underground Hospital (3 items).

GRIER, Karl: Collection of correspondence and permits (photocopies) published in CIOS Review 1981.

HAGEDORN, Willi: Transcript of a talk he gave at the Old Government House Hotel, Guernsey, in 1984. German signals officer who served in Guernsey during the Occupation.

HANNE, Justice: Letter from the Hon. Mr. Justice Hanne, Dublin, concerning the Occupation of the Channel Islands.

HARDTACK: Extract account (copy of) of the Report made on Operation Hardtack28. 1943. Carried out on 25/26 Dec. (5 pages)

HEERES-KUSTEN-BATTERIE 9/1265. Memoirs of a former German Gunner. Photocopy in German.

HORN, C. E: Bespoke Tailor and Clothier, 3 New Street, Jersey. Diary of events for 14-5-40, 18-6-40, 23-6-40 and 10-5-45 (photocopies).

IMPERIAL WAR GRAVES COMMISION (THE): Civilian War Dead in The United Kingdom (mentions Channel Islands). Photocopy. Volume VI, p.2605~2607. 1955. Donated by C. Rushworth, 1990.

INDIA: Assorted newsletters from the Channel Islands Society, All India Branch, 1945. Donated by Charles Wackett Evans, 1985.

INDICTMENT: A Poem written in June 1944 by Winter Le Brocq and illustrated by Edmund Blampied. First and only edition Jersey 1944. Printed by J.T. Bigwood Ltd. and published by A. Michael Frowd.

ISLANDERS NEWS: Issued by the ME Channel Islands Society, RASC Base Depot and Training Centre, MEF. No.13, May 1945 (3 pages).

JERSEY UNDER GERMAN OCCUPATION: Seven page typed document prepared from a verbal account given by Mr Denis Vibert who arrived in England late in September 1941, having escaped from Jersey. Donated by Roger Jones, Bradford-on-Avon, Wiltshire, 27th September 2001.

JERSEY UNDER GERMAN OCCUPATION (report 2 copies) and A Few Authentic Facts Relating to the island, obtained from Mr. V. Senr. dated 3rd November 1941. Donated 1987.

KERNWERK: Battle Headquarters St Peter Jersey. Paper room identification signs taken from the doors of one of the bunkers at Battle HQ e.g. Kampfraum, Vermittlung, Entluftungs-Raum, Adj., Ord. Offrs., ?zun Kd, Funk Raum = Radio Room (6 items).

KREBS, Joseph (Lt-Col): American POW in Jersey. Related correspondence and photographs. See “Belza” and the Mustang pilot CIOS Review 1986.

LEE, Cyrus: The Soldat Guide to European Military Battlefields and Museums. Appendix II of Soldat, Volume 1. References to Channel Islands. Photocopy. Montana: Pictorial Histories Publishing Company, Ltd, Missoula, 5981, 1988.

LE BROCQ, Norman: Founder member of the Jersey Communist Party, and former Deputy of the States of Jersey. Text of an address to the Channel Islands Occupation Society about his Occupation experiences, 4th April 1988.

LE QUESNE, E: Memoirs. Jersey Evening Post 1982.

LIBERATION DAY Programmes. States of Jersey Occupation & Liberation Committee. For May 1989, 1990 & 1991.

LIBERATION DAY 1985: Souvenir Programme and Jersey Evening Post Supplement. Soviet Weekly 4th May 1985.

MARINE ARTILLERIE ABTEILUNG (MAA) 604: List of personnel (photocopy) donated by D. Holmes, 1983.

MILITARY GEOLOGY Paper. Donated by Dr E. Rose, Department of Geology, Royal Holloway University of London, Egham, Surrey, 13th December 1999.

MILITARY MUSEUMS: Pamphlets, Guide Books, etc.

MINEFIELDS: Photocopy of Minefield at Chestnut Farm, Mont a L’Abbé, Jersey. Donated by D. O’Connor, 1978.

MINEFIELDS: Photocopies of Jersey Minefield Map and newspaper cuttings. Donated by Johannes Kegelmann, 1984.

OCCUPATION of the Channel Islands: Militär wissenschastliche Kundschau ~ Individual Reports from the War at The Western Front, 1940. 11) Surprise Attack Against the British Channel Islands on July 1st (photocopy with English translation).

PHARMACY: Wartime Pharmacy by Pamela Mason, BSc, PhD, MRPharmS. The Pharmaceutical Journal, Vol. 254, 6th May 1995.

POLICE OCCUPATION PERMITS (photocopies), donated by Miss J. Jacklin. Permits (photocopies) donated by David Le Maistre, 1997.

POWER STATION (2 folders): German power station near Tesson Mill, St Peter’s Valley, built by the Organisation Todt during the Occupation. Folder 1: One original German map of Jersey dated 1941 showing the run of the electricity cable; two original blue prints of the German Power Station, dated 1942 & 1943, drawn by Société Française des Constructions Babcock and Wilcox, Paris; 1945 photograph of the Power Station. Folder 2: notes and post-war correspondence compiled by Robin Cox regarding the Power Station. (Deposited December 2005)

POSTERS x 4: German/French forbidding circulation of propaganda plus 3 others. Donated by E. Hassel, 1981.

POST OFFICE: Occupation Recollections of the Post Office, 1938 to 1962, from Stuart Charles Guilliard.

POWELL, Colin: Banking During the Occupation. Donated 1994.

RED CROSS Research donated by Joe Mière. (2 folders).

REQUISTITIONED ITEMS: Ledger (Transfer Book) of requisitioned household items by the German Forces 1941~1945. Gives details of the property, goods requisitioned, owner, administrator and destination. (Deposited January 2005)

REQUSITION OF LAND AND BUILDINGS: Photocopies of German documents concerning the requisition of land by the German Forces (25 items); list of land taken over by the German authorities in St Brelade, Grouville, St Helier, St Lawrence, St Martin, St Mary, St Ouen, St Peter, St Saviour and Trinity (16 pages); list of houses, petrol pumps, garages, stables, huts, stores, shops, hotels requisitioned by the German Forces in the Parish of St Helier (26 pages); list of houses, bungalows, huts, sheds, hotels, shops and Cafes requisitioned by the German Forces in the Parish of St Clement (7 pages). Photocopies of correspondence between Feldkommandantur 515 and the Jersey Gas Light Company Ltd. Concerning Langford House, which was adjacent to College House (now JCG) prior to demolition (6 pages). (Deposited December 2005)

REYBOLD, John Black (Colonel): American POW in Jersey.

RUSSIANS in the Channel Islands during the German Occupation.

SCHMETTOW, General Graf von: Report by the Former German Commander of the Channel Islands dated April 1948. The Channel Islands: Preparation of the defence against the invasion and during the invasion till the surrender. (Deposited December 2005)

SCHMETTOW, General Graf von: Former German Kommandant re-visits Jersey. Graf von Schmettow on holiday with his family. Newspaper cuttings regarding the visit, Jersey Evening Post, Friday, September 6th, 1963 (photocopies).

SCUTTLEBUTT. USS PC564 and photographs. Articles on the Granville Raid. SS Leopoldville.

U-BOAT 275 VISITS GUERNSEY: Typed article by John Wallbridge, which appeared in the 1981 Channel Islands Occupation Society Review, describing the eventful visit of U-275 to Guernsey on 13th June 1944. Seven pages, one illustration and one letter, the photographs have been removed. (Deposited January 2005)

UNDERGROUND HOSPITAL JERSEY: Cartoon by Anson 4th December 1961, “Is there a Doctor in the House?”.

VERORDNUNGSBLATT: 2 x German Orders published in Paris. German/French text, July 1940.

WARSHIPS: Recognise the Smaller German Warships S.1564 poster, September 1944.

X-RAY Machine Instruction Manual (German). Donated by Dr Gruchy, 1982.

YECK, Mike: Mike Yeck returns from historic Normandy trip, June 1994 (newspaper cuttings).