Occupation Ephemera

Red Albums

Red Album No.1 (L/D/25/D1/1)

Air Raid Precautions, Occupation permits, Identity Cards, correspondence, August 1945 Travel to the Channel Islands documentation, Jersey Rehabilitation Committee March 1947 (Requisition of Property Order and Compensation Application) forms regarding Lt-Col Woolley’s property.

Red Album No.2 (L/D/25/D1/2)

Transport, essential services and rationing.

Red Album No.3 (L/D/25/D1/3)

Occupation entertainment, Red Cross letters, philately and pre and post war post cards.

Red Album No.4 (L/D/25/D1/4)

Envelopes, cigarette packets, cheese box lids, etc. left under the floorboards of local houses used by German troops as billets.

Red Album No.5 (L/D/25/D1/5)

Occupation related correspondence, catalogue of German Captured Ground Material November 1945, reports (including 1948 report by Graf von Schmettow), aircraft recognition, details of German Awards and articles.

Red Album No.6 (L/D/25/D1/6)

Commemorative 110 page Yearbook, January 1941 to January 1942, of Schwere Flakabteilung 153 which was initially based in St Nazaire before moving to Jersey, with a headquarters at “Elysee” on Trinity Hill.

Red Album No.7 (L/D/25/D1/7)

Society Events and newspaper cuttings 1960~1984 (Deposited January 2005).

Red Album No.8

Society Events and newspaper cuttings, 1985 onwards (Deposited January 2005).

Red Albums No.9A & 9B.

Wood lists for German Units Stationed in Jersey, January ~ April 1945 (265 original documents and 12 photocopies). (Deposited December 2005)

Red Album No.10

Truppeneltwerk Alderney, May 1942 ~ May 1944 (145 original documents and 13 photocopies). (Deposited December 2005)

Red Album No.11

Grabmeldung (Burial Reports) Alderney, Guernsey and Sark 1942 ~ 1945 (107 original documents and 43 related items). (Deposited December 2005)

Miscellaneous Folders

Nachrichten für die Truppe Nr.137 (x 2), 138, 146, 152, 155, 158 (x 4), 161 (x 2).
L’Amérique en Guerre No.78.
Le Courrier de L’Air No.36 1941 and 20 Janvier 1944, Mars 1944.
Entente Cordiale F.45.
Pourquoi cette photo VOUS regarde 117a.
We Protest booklet. (Some donated by A. Pipon, 1980; M. A. Cadin; Mike Rumfitt, March 2002).

ENTERTAINMENT POSTERS from the Occupation donated by John Blampied

  1. Wests, Sunday July 4th. John Blampied Presents by Special Request No.3. Poster 10 x 30 inches.
  2. Wests, Sunday August 29th. John Blampied by Special Request No.4. Poster 10 x 30 inches.
  3. Wests Cinema, Monday February 21st. Graeme Ahier presents GALAXY. Poster 19 x 30 inches.

GRENVILLE, Arthur: National Songs of the Allies and Others. Song and music booklet, 21 pages, autographed on cover by “Gibson”.

JERSEY POSTER: OHMS La Collette Depot, St Helier. Harold Benest, Auctioneer to HM Government, will sell by public auction miscellaneous effects, being captured ground material. Full details in local press. Friday 6th September, 1946 at 11 a.m. Auctioneer’s Offices: Airway House, 1 Mulcaster Street. Phone: Central 1221 (laminated photocopy).

JERSEY IDENTITY CARD and German Unit hand stamps (photocopies). Brown album compiled and donated by Mark Lamerton, 1982.

MOUNT ORGEUIL CASTLE JERSEY: Copy of a lino-cut made by a member of an Infantry Battalion commanded by Major Otto Stade, who encouraged his men to take up such activities to prevent boredom. 1939, 27th August, 1942.


  1. British Army Book 64. Soldier’s Service and Pay Book, 17th December 1944.
  2. Deutsches Reich Arbeitsbuch 12th February 1941.
  3. Bundesrepublik Deutschland Reisepass 10th May 1952.

POPULAR ARMY GUIDE 2, 3 and 5 (photocopies). Donated 3rd January 1998.

VARIETY and ENTERTAINMENT during the Occupation: Talk given by Mr John Blampied to the CIOS on 9th March 1982. Deportations and Internment

Yellow Album No.1 (L/D/25/E1/1) Deportation, Biberach, Dorsten, Laufen, and Repatriation (130 items).

Yellow Album No.2 (L/D/25/E1/2) Wurzach, Wurzach Revisited (165 items, blue pages).

Yellow Album No.2B (L/D/25/E1/3) Wurzach Revisited

Yellow Album (Box File) No.3
Basket made from sisal cord, stranded and plaited, (with butterfly embroidery) from Red Cross parcels.
Bag, as above, with flower embroidery. Donated by Mrs J.E. Bacon, 10 Rue Verli Villas, St Lawrence, Jersey.
Basket, as above, with embroidery designs.
Sample of sole as used for sandals or slippers. Donated by Mrs J.E. Bacon, 10 Rue Verli Villas, St Lawrence, Jersey, (Wurzach, Germany, from 16th September, 1942, to 23rd March, 1945.
Example of a pair of sandals made by islanders whilst interned.
Wooden badge handmade at Wurzach, Germany, 1944.
Fourteen brooches made from scraps of material etc. by Mrs J. E. Bacon during her internment in Wurzach.
Autographed book inscribed “Presented to Pamela Baverstock for 1st Prize Sewing Wurzach, Germany July 1944”. Contains 25 drawings and autographs.
(These 22 items are deposited with Société Jersiaise, Pier Road).


  1. Copy of Memorandum Handed to the German Authorities by the Bailiff 31st August 1944.
  2. Maps highlighting Internment Camps in Germany (3 items).
  3. Newspaper cuttings and related items to internment of Channel Islanders.
  4. PRO documents (photocopies). Report by the Red Cross on Biberach Internment Camp, 3rd December 1944, in French. Foreign Office correspondence regarding Internment camps, 1944-45.
  5. Monopoly board belonging to Charles E. Daly, No.2367, Baraque 5 Chambre 6, Frontstalag 122, Compiégne, Oise. Inside of board signed by fellow inmates.
  6. List of persons deported to Biberach Oflag 55 (VD) Germany. Donated 1987.
  7. POSTER: The Unfair Sex by Eric Hudson. A farcical comedy in three acts. One of the plays presented by internees of Wurzach, poster by Harold Hepburn. Donated by Mrs I. O’Connor, Millbrook, Jersey.

Harold Hepburn Collection


The 24 pictures in this collection were painted by Harold Hepburn depicting life in Biberach and Wurzach Internment Camps, Germany, 1942-1945. All the following are watercolours unless stated otherwise.

HW1) Wurzach Town Church as seen from room 56.
HW2) Wurzach ~ a street outside the Interment Camp, 1943.
HW3) Wurzach ~ the Compound looking south-west.
HW4) Wurzach ~ the Compound looking south-east, 18th November 1942.
HW5) Wurzach ~ the Compound.
HW6) Wurzach ~ main entrance from Compound, 1943.
HW7) Wurzach ~ Hospital Surgery, 1943.
HW8) Wurzach ~ Schloss Hospital men’s ward 1943.
HW9) Wurzach ~ Room 56.
HW10) Wurzach ~ the Hepburn Family’s corner of Room 56. Their daughter’s bed, Mary Rose Hepburn, is on the right. 1943.
HW11) Wurzach ~ the Compound, looking south. Main entrance with children’s play area. Guard House on the right and Town Hall (Rathaus) far right.
HW12) Harold Hepburn’s desk in the hospital Orderlies Room where he painted most of his pictures of camp life, 1943.
HW13) Wurzach ~ Male Hospital orderlies Room, 19th November 1942.
HW14) Wurzach in the snow, Nazi flags at the top with British aircraft flying over head. Titled Autographs 1943, 7 signatures.
HW15) Schloss Wurzach copied from aerial photograph (damage to bottom right hand corner of painting).
HW16) Hitler Youth Camp looking out from inside Wurzach 1942 (damage to bottom right hand corner of painting).
HW17) Looking out from inside Wurzach Camp (damage to bottom right hand corner of painting).
HW18) Wurzach ~ 9th December 1942.
HW19) Wurzach ~ 9th December 1942. Rear of Schloss.
HW20) Arrival of Red Cross Parcels at the camp (unfinished).
HW21) Looking out from inside Wurzach Camp (unfinished).
HW22) Wurzach ~ Wooden bridge over stream between camp buildings (Schloss Wurzach) and small wooded park (oil painting).
HW23) Wurzach ~ Town Church 1944 (oil painting).
HW24) Wurzach ~ Town Church 1943 (pen and ink) Inscribed on reverse: Birthday Greeting to Mrs Hepburn from Pauline in Wurzach, Germany. June 29th 1943.

Leutkirch Area Hospital

Internees from Wurzach were sent to this hospital when requiring long-term treatment. Harold Hepburn spent some time there as a patient.

HL1) Kiegskrankenhaus Leutkirch Alleau Germany, 1943.
HL2) Kriegskrankenhaus ward Leutkirch, 1943.

Biberach ~ Oflag 55 Vd

HB1) Biberach ~ the soup queue, 16th October 1942.
HB2) Biberach ~ the “view” from Harold Hepburn’s wife’s quarters, 8th October 1942.
HB3) Biberach ~ Men’s Room Barrack No.6, 12th October 1942.
HB4) Biberach ~ Room at Interment Camp. Inmates: H.S. Hepburn, A.H. Spence, J. Parris, J. Blackwood, B. Hickman, P. Stasny, 12th October 1942.
HB5) Biberach ~ view of camp huts with British aircraft flying overhead, 1942.
HB6) Biberach ~ The Night Patrol or 3 o’clock in the morning (The result of a diet of black bread and vegetable soup!), 15th October 1942.
HB7) Biberach ~ Parade Ground and Barracks, 20th October 1942.

Miscellaneous Illustrations

BIBERACH CAMP by C.W. Theobald, 586 (oil).

CASE’S BRIDGE ~ WURZACH 1944 by Peter Hutton (watercolour).

LAUFEN CAMP by C.W. Theobald, 586, (oil).

WURZACH-ACH., Wurzach Village. Pen and ink sketch donated by Mrs J.E. Bacon.

WURZACH, THE SCHLOSS by ?, 1943. Pen and ink sketch. Inscribed on reverse “Sincere Wishes for A Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year, Xmas 1943.

WURZACH SCHLOSS by C.W. Theobald, 586 (oil).

WURZACH SCHLOSS colour photograph presented to the Ex-Internees Association by the Burgermeister of Bad Wurzach, 14th August 1981.