Photographic Archives

German “Green Books” and Related Photographs

Green Album No.1 (L/D/25/F1/1)

Defence Sector South (170 items).

Defence Sector North (74 items).

Defence Sector East (84 items).

Green Album No.2 (L/D/25/F1/1)

Defence Sector West (225 items).

Tanks (AFV) in Jersey (18 items).

Duplicate Photographs (8 items).

Negatives of Green Book photographs.

Occupation/Liberation/Post War

Blue Album No.1 (L/D/25/F2/1)

Occupation (80 items).

Uncaptioned Channel Islands photographs 1943~1945 donated by P. Curwood Esq. in August 1989 (76 items).

Major Curt Wolperding, Adjutant Infantrie Regiment 582 collection (21items).

Leutnant Curtze, commander 6th Batterie Artillerie Regiment 319 collection donated via Major Roy Dobin (52 items).

12th Minesweeper Flotilla collection donated by Herr Fritz Schmidt 7th September 1987 (47 items).

Cezembre 1943 Collection donated by Herr Otto Koch 7th October 1987 (9 photographs).

2 Pionier Abteilung 319 Collection donated by former members of the Unit (20 items).

Channel Island Shipping 1940~1945 (32 items).

German troops, location unknown. Donated by Mr. Rayson 2003 (4 items).

The Luftwaffe in Jersey 1940~1941 (42 items).

Luftwaffe (17 items).

German Cemetery, St Brelade’s, Jersey, some donated by Paul Luber’s daughter, Marlies Stiller (10 items).

Funeral of Sergeants Butlin and Holden 6th June 1943 (9 items).

Nursing and St John Ambulance Brigade during the Occupation (9 items).

Blue Album No.2 (L/D/25/F2/2)

MAA 604 and Batterie ‘Lothringen’, Noirmont, Jersey, 1941~1986, (141 items).

Blue Album No.3 (L/D/25/F2/3)

Two examples of the Force 135 Liberation insignia. Donated by Major R. Dobin (2 items)

Surrender/Liberation 1945 (66 items).

Red Cross Parcels (12 items).

German POWs (24 items).

German Naval Vessels in St Helier Harbour, Charles Brown Collection (8 items).

French North African POWs in Jersey (37 items).

Empire Day 24th May 1945 (2 items).

Blue Album No.4 (L/D/25/F2/4)

Royal Visit 7th June 1945 (17 items).

First Mail Boat Arrives, St Helier Harbour, 26th June 1945, (3 items).

Jersey Airport 1945 (3 items).

Jersey’s Lieutenant-Governor Arrives, August 1945, (5 items).

Force 135 Church Parade August 1945 (13 items).

Island Events 1945~1947 (29 items).

Cleaning Up Period (33 items).

German Tunnels (12 items).

Organisation Todt (O.T.) Railway (14 items).

Guernsey German Occupation and Liberation (16 items).

Alderney: includes: German troops in Alderney donated by Robert Bayer, Weinbergstr 20, 34587 Felsberg, Germany, in 1995, who was stationed in Jersey.

1942~43 and Alderney 1943~45 (6 items).

Liberation of Alderney, Charles Brown Collection, (9 items).

Liberation of Alderney, Naval Vessels that removed the German POWs, donated by Harry Jeffrey 9th May 1995, (16 items).

Blue Album No.5 (L/D/25/F2/5)

Post War views of Jersey donated by M. Smith, Newark, (11 items).

German aircraft at Jersey Airport during the filming of ‘The Battle of Britain’, 11th May 1968, (6 items).

German Tunnels in Jersey 1973 donated by M. Delanoe (22 items).

Elizabeth Castle 1973 donated by M. Delanoe (8 items).

Bunker at Sudfort, Havre des Pas, donated by M. Delanoe (1 item).

Corbière, 10.5 cm casemate and tower 1973 (7 items).

Artillery HQ bunker, I./AR 319, at “Hinguette”, Mont de la Rocque, donated by M. Delanoe 1973 (28 items).

St Ouen’s Bay Defences and Les Landes 1973 donated by M. Delanoe (24 items).

German Underground Hospital (8 items).

Blue Album No.6 (L/D/25/F2/6

German Fortifications in Jersey, A.D. Trace 1977 (23 items).

Mercedes 1943 Fire Fighting Vehicle (11 items).

Czechoslovakian 4.7cm Pak (t) Anti-Tank Gun donated by Terry Gander 1985 (27 items).

WN Le Fret 10.5cm K331 (f) coastal defence gun, removed to Guernsey in 1988, donated by Peter Whitford (5 items).

Alterations to Pomme d’Or Hotel October 1988 donated by Joe Mière (6 items).

German Fortifications in Jersey and Guernsey (84 items).

Miscellaneous (44 items).

Blue Album No.7 (L/D/25/F2/7)

Photographs and Ephemera of Society Events 1973~1995.

Blue Album No.8 (L/D/25/F2/8)

Collection of 30 stills, with original captions on the reverse, from the 1945 Ministry of Information Film produced by the Crown Film Unit, titled the Channel Islands 1940-1945. The film was shot in the Channel Islands using locals as the cast. Also included in the album is a post war “Evening Post” aerial photograph of St Aubin’s Harbour. Donated by the widow of Arthur A. H. Downer Esq., July 2003.


The following photographs are mounted on cardboard and have been used for exhibitions regarding the German Occupation and Liberation period and are grouped under the following titles:

  1. Jersey 1939~1940, Evacuation (8 photos).
  2. Jersey 1st July 1940 (7 photos).
  3. Jersey 9th August 1940 (8 photos).
  4. The Germans in Jersey (8 photos and 3 newspaper cuttings).
  5. The Red Cross (5 photos and poem).
  6. Jersey 9th May 1945 (8 photos)
  7. Jersey 12th May 1945 (8 photos).
  8. Jersey 12th May 1945 Proclamation Ceremony (2 photos, Proclamation and newspaper cuttings).
  9. Jersey 13th May 1945 (8 photos)
  10. Deportation. Mrs Louisa Gould and Feodor (Bill) Burrij (3 photos, poem, ex-political prisoners member’s ticket, birthday card, all are photocopies).
  11. Alderney May 1945 (10 photos from the Charles Brown collection).
  12. Guernsey May 1945 (10 photos from the Charles Brown collection)
  13. Jersey’s first post-war Lieutenant Governor arrives, August 1945 (6 photos).

LIBERATION period photographs, mounted on cardboard, Charles Brown Collection and Evening Post (31 items).

RAF Museum: List of photographs in the Charles Brown relating to the Liberation of the Channel Islands, held at the RAF Museum, Hendon.
Bundesarchiv, Koblenz: Photocopies of contact strips of the photographic collection relating to the German Occupation of the Channel Islands, with reference numbers and captions, held by the Bundesarchiv. Research by Colin Partridge April 1977.

WORLD WAR II: A collection of 70 pictures, maps and cartoons (some poster size) illustrating Hitler’s rise to power and the outbreak of World War II.

JERSEY AERIAL photographs, post war (23 items).



Visit to Tunnel Ho2 1973.

Visit to landing Beaches and Longues Battery 1974.

Visit of MVCG May 1977

Noirmont Rangefinder 19th July 1997.

Noirmont Rangefinder recovery; M19 repairs; various bunkers.

Noirmont Interior 2000; views from Mont Orgueil; Coastal Artillery HQ.


50 slides of VE Day in London, 8th May 1945, some of the Channel Islands.

17 colour slides taken of the Fortifications at Noirmont, 1980.

48 slides of the Interment Camps in Germany for Channel Islanders.

37 slides NSDAP.