Sound & Film Archive


Cassette Tapes unless otherwise stated

ADENAUER, Konrad: Ich wess, dass ich ein armer Sünder bin, 1949~1967.

ADENAUER, Konrad: Von Köln nach Bonn.

ADENAUER, Konrad: Der Bundeskanzler.

BIRD, Mrs M: Guernsey. Occupation kitchen front.

BISHOP, Dr. A. C: Talks about Dr. Klüpfel, 21st September 1978.

BOUCHERE, P: Talks about his Newspaper Collection.

CHANNEL ISLANDS (THE): German Commentary including Occupation.

CIOS AGM: Presentation by Jersey Heritage Trust, 10th February 1982.

DEPORTATION: BBC Radio Jersey, 13th September 1992 (2 tapes).

DE ST CROIX, Jack: Talks about life at the Electricity Company during the Occupation, 9th March 1988.

DEUTSCHE ZEITGESCHICHTE I: Vom Kaiserrreich zur Republic 1904~1924.

DEUTSCHE ZEITGESCHICHTE II: Der Weg zur Machtergreifung 1928~1933.

DEUTSCHE ZEITGESCHICHTE III: 10 Jahre Wiederaufbau 1945~1954.

DORMAN, Mr: Spitfire Pilot (2 tapes).

ESCAPES: Interview with American Ed Clarke. D-Day and the Last Terrible Year.

EVACUATION ~ OCCUPATION: Personal Memories. Evacuation by Mrs M.R. Ward, Deputy Head, Bel Royal School.

Occupation by Mr Denis & Mrs Betty Remon.

FALLA, Raymond: (also 1 BSAF tape, St Clement’s Parish Hall, 30th March 1978).

FONT, Francisco: Spanish worker who remained in Jersey after the German Occupation.

GINNS, Michael: Life at Wurzach Camp: 1942~45, 4th March 1977.

GINNS, Michael: Bunkers.

GINNS, Michael & LLOYD, Beth: Personal view, 31st July 1983.

GOEBBELS, Joseph: Wollt ihr den totalen Krieg?

GRUCHY, Herbert: Occupation Customs Officer at St Helier Harbour.

HAGEDORN, Willi: The Granville Raid, March 1945 (2 tapes, also 1 BSAF tape).

HAGEDORN, Willi: Cezembre, 8th April 1987 (1 BSAF tape).

HILL, Dr: 4th December 1978 (2 tapes). Adventures as a POW in Germany during WW II.

HITLER, Adolf: Reichstagssitzung vom 19. Juli 1940, 1.Teil.

HITLER, Adolf: Reichstagssitzung vom 19. Juli 1940, 2. Teil.

HITLER, Adolf: Die deutsche Kriegserklärung an Polen.

INTERVIEWS: Eileen Le Sueur and John Boucheré, Harold Le Druillnec (Christmas Broadcast) and Michael Ginns and Beth Lloyd (Granville Raid).

KEILLER, Frank: May 1985, 40th Anniversary of Liberation.

KEILLER, Frank: Radio Jersey 1st January 1999 (2 tapes).

LANDICK, Dixie: CIOS Annual Dinner October 1981.

LANDICK, S: Education.

LANDICK, S: No.3, Mill Noises.

LARBALESTIER, Ted: Town Pilot, 1940~45, 22nd March 1984.

LE BROCQ, Norman: Founder Member of the Jersey Communist Party, 13th April 1988 (2 tapes).

LE QUESNE, F. & SPURR, F: Radio Jersey, December 1999.

LE RICHE, Silver: St Helier Harbour Pilot, 1940~45.

LE SUEUR, Bob: Foreign Workers of the Organisation Todt (OT), 13th October 1993.

LONELY WAR (THE): Part 1 (27th June 1980) and Part 2 (4th July 1980).

NÜRNBERGER PROZESS: Weltgeschichte als Weltgericht.

OCCUPATION: BBC Radio Jersey (3 tapes).

OCCUPATION: Parts 1, 2, 3 & 4.

OCCUPATION: Parts 5, 6, 7 & 8.

OCCUPATION: Parts 10 to 15.


OSMONT, Dr. Ray: 11th March 1987.

POWs OF THE JAPANESE: (2 tapes).

PRIGENT, Gordon: 13th October 1982.

RENOUF, Mr: Beekeeping During the Occupation, 6th January 1982.

RILEY, T: 8th April 1981 (2 tapes).

SARGENT, Major Frank: Clearing Jersey of German Relics, 19th October 1979.

SINEL, Leslie: Personnel Interview, 23rd May 1982.

SUMMER 1940: Part One, The Distant War, June 1st~19th. CTV 19th June 1980.

SUMMER 1940: Part Two, “Evacuation”, June 20th~28th. CTV 26th June 1980.

SUMMER 1940: Part Three “Occupation” June 29th~July 5th. CTV 3rd July 1980.

SYVRET, Ted: His childhood on a St Ouen’s farm during the Occupation of Jersey, 10/04/2002.

WALKER, Eric: Minefield Clearance, 11th October 1995 (2 tapes).

VAN GELDER, Irvine: Belsen and Wurzach, interviewed 8th and 15th February 1999 (2 tapes).

VEGA (SS): BBC London.

WALLBRIDGE, John: Minesweepers.

YOUNGREN, Newell (Dr): American from Arizona ex-POW in Jersey.

Four Reditune Tapes (ex-German Underground Hospital) Donated by Joe Mière: - Churchill’s Victory Speech; German Band & Jackboots; Orderly’s Room; Dripping Water.

Film Archive

BERTRAND: 3 x 8mm reels (duplicate copy one reel). Film taken during and just after the German Occupation 1940~1945.

ECREHOES: Reel tin containing 16mm Master Ektachrome, labelled “Ecrehoes”.

HAY, Will: Musical featuring Will Hay in reel tin marked Grundlagen der Funktechnik 1938.

LUXMOORE, Henriette: 22 Westwood Road, Barnes, London, SW13 0LA. Ciné 8 film. Liberation, showing scenes around the harbour, Pomme d’Or, British troops August 1945, etc. Donated 1976.

16mm reel of colour film in yellow plastic container, ? contents.

16mm reel of film “Fish in Tank” (reel marked “Stadtbildstelle Aachen”).

16mm reel of film “German engineers blowing up a bridge”.

16mm reel of film in tin marked Siemens F3, ? the same as previous.

16mm reel of film in tin marked “German War Film Battle of Normandy etc.”

16mm reel of film unmarked, ? A Circus.


CIOS (Jersey) Tape 1. Scars on the Landscape and German Occupation Railways.

CIOS (Jersey) Tape 2. Summer of ‘45 and Interned.

CIOS (Jersey) Annual Dinner Weekend, 11~12th May 1991.

CIOS (Jersey) Attempted recovery of Gun Barrel and Wheels October 1991; France August 1992; Gun Pit excavation January 1993.

CIOS (Jersey) trip to Guernsey ?1995. Running time 29 minutes.

CIOS (Jersey) Tour of Noirmont Command Bunker; Coastal defence Gun Casemate at La Corbière; Annual Luncheon at The Seacrest Hotel, 17th October 1998. Filmed by Derrick Cockayne of Bedford.

CORBIÈRE Casemate 1993.

HELICOPTER FLIGHT over Jersey, 20th February 1995 (13.35 minutes).

IF BRITAIN HAD FALLEN: BBC Television 1972. Running time 60 minutes. Donated by Gary Font.

IN TONI’S FOOTSTEPS – The Channel Island Occupation Remembered. Hightide Productions, 2002. Running time 52 minutes.

NEWSREELS: German Engineers blowing up a bridge and German War Film of the Battle for Normandy. Video of 16mm black and white film. Running time 26 minutes.

PT509 THE LAST PATROL – Battle for the Channel Islands. The true story of courage, friendship and loss surrounding the sinking of PT509 off Noirmont Point, Jersey in 194, including rare archive footage and one veteran’s remarkable achievement. Underwater Video Services Ltd (UVS), Jersey, 2001. Running time 57 minutes.

SCHOKLAND: A Special Search in Jersey by Christian Schunk, Zoppoter Strasse 14, 90766 Fuerth, Germany, June 2001.


National Archives of the United States

T77-787 OKW Supplies in the West 1944-45

T77-789 Supply of fortresses and Islands 1944-45


T311-19 Minefields 1940-41

T312-580 AOK 15 and supplies for Channel Islands 1941

T312-512 AOK supplies July-December 1941


T321-44 Luftwaffe


T1022-2175 June 1944

T1022-2176 Fu Mo reports

T1022-2252 24 MSF 1942-1944

T1022-2340 Czembre & Atlantic Fortresses

T1022-2363 Granville

T1022-2424 St Malo 2VP

T1022-2425 Hako Malo

T1022-2426 Channel Island Convoy Traffic

T1022-2427 Channel Island Convoy Traffic


T1022-3129 32 MSF & 46 MSF 1943

T1022-3142 12 MSF 1940-1941

T1022-3143 12 MSF 1940-1941

T1022-3144 12 MSF 1940-1941

T1022-3188 46 MSF 1943

T1022-3205 18/23 MSF

T1022-3224 MSF 2VP 1944

T1022-3253 24 MSF 1944

T1022-3276 46 MSF 1943-1944

T1022-3973 Supply Flights

T1022-4008 Fortresses and Field post Numbers