Battery Lothringen

Battery Lothringen has the distinction of being the only Kriegsmarine battery in Jersey. Thousands of tourists and locals alike who come to Noirmont Point each year to take in the beautiful views, often stand on the former No.2 gun position.

Work started on the first early gun positions March 1941, then in April-May, the Kreigsmarine's men and equipment of 3./ Marine Artillerie Abteilung 604 started to arrive in Jersey. The German High Command had agreed to establish Marine batterys in all three principal islands. Construction of Battery Lothringen was finally completed in May 1944.

The Battery's four elderly 1917 15cm SKL/45 guns were put on these elevated platforms so that they could lower their guns sufficiently should the need necessitate to fire directly into the bay of St Aubin or Portelet.

M-132 Underground Command Bunker

Interior of the top floor of the bunker

Extending to a depth of 40ft on two floors, this impressive bunker was the Command Post (Leitstand) for the naval coastal artillery battery 'Lothringen' located here. One of four built to a similar design in the Channel Islands, the bunker was surmounted by a range-finder and two periscopes to determine the distance and speed of sea targets.

The Battery's guns were commanded and fired electrically from inside this Leitstand command bunker, which plotted the movements of sea targets with the aid of the sophisticated rangefinder, the periscope arms for this can be found towards the cliff edge. Underneath, the two storied Type 132 bunker, which has been magnificently restored, is undoubtedly the very best surviving example from Hitler's much vaunted Atlantic wall.

M-132 Underground Command Bunker

MP 1 Naval Artillery Direction and Range-finding Tower

Profile of the artillery observation tower

This massive structure known as a 'Marine Peilstand' or 'Naval direction-finding tower', is one of three constructed in Jersey, out of a planned total of nine.

The observation slits, set in two metres of concrete, provide an impressive setting for the distant sea views towards France. On top of the tower is a mounting for a 2cm Flak Oerlikon anti-aircraft gun.

MP 1 Tower