Château Plaisir 646 water pumping bunker salvage

This morning CIOS members from Jersey and Guernsey met at the site of the former Château Plaisir at St Ouen’s Bay to recover parts from a Type 646 Water-pumping Bunker. This site is to be converted to housing soon and the developer kindly opened it to us so we could recover parts to use at our other public bunkers. Although this was a WW2 artefact plenty of good fittings remained, including multiple doors complete with rubber gas seals in perfect condition.

A photo album from today’s salvage operation is here, on our Google Plus page. While we don’t like to see any bunkers go, this particular specimen wasn’t in very good condition and several better examples remain nearby (like the one in the middle of El Tico’s car park). If you are a builder or developer and have any questions about WW2 German bunkers on your job site please feel free to contact us for free advice.