Day Trip To Normandy

On Saturday July 5th, The CIOS will be visiting Normandy for a day trip. Highlights of the visit include the Juno Beach Centre (pictured above) and the Juno Beach Park. We have a few remaining spaces and if you are interested in coming along please contact our Social Secretary Noel on 721 804 or 07797 775 814. The cost is £65/person which includes boat and coach transfer. Members should bring Euros for meals and museum entrance fees, etc.

From the Juno Beach Centre website:

“Since 2004, the Juno Beach Centre’s Canadian guides have conducted guided tours of Juno Park, leading visitors through the remains of the Atlantic Wall, recounting the history of the D-Day Landings. The guided tour gives local context specific to Courseulles and the Battle of Normandy, and complements the visit of the museum which conveys the role of Canada throughout the entire Second World War.

The bunker located in front of the Juno Beach Centre was uncovered and its access was cleared with the creation of Juno Park in 2004. This bunker was a German observation post that was part of the Atlantic Wall defence system. In 1944, it contained radio equipment that allowed its occupants to communicate with other bunkers and coordinate the defence of the beach. A machine gun post was positioned on the top of the bunker. A steel dome (removed in the late 1970s) protected the “look-out”. It is a great example of the German strategy to fortify the port of Courseulles.”

We will also visit Musée Mémorial de la Bataille de Normandie and Bayeux Commonwealth War Graves Commission Cemetery at Bayeux.

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