10.5cm WW2 Shell Located and Destroyed

This 10.5cm shell head was found over the weekend by a walker on the beach by Seymour Tower. Yesterday we were shown where it was, and promptly disposed of it safely. The brass nose fuse was in place and the head was firmly affixed to the rock upon which it was sat.

Once our BDO Officer had fired off the charge to destroy the head, I headed to the small crater that it had made to look for any remains. I could see absolutely nothing and was somewhat bemused by this as there normally is something. Scanning the area I turned and there some 15 feet away was the shell head sitting in a rock pool.

The shell as it was discovered

Picking it up I soon found that it had a neat hole punched into its side by the charge we set to destroy it. The bang was not as big as we expected, and the reason for that is that the contents of the head had been wet for many years and turned to a foul smelling mush.

Remember if you find anything like this it is always best to call it in and play safe. A mistake with this sort of thing could be your last.

Text and images by Damien Horn. He observes and assists with disposal of WW2 munitions which are periodically found in Jersey, and has documented a recent discovery. If you find one, please don’t touch it and immediately report it to the States of Jersey Police.