CIOS Jersey and Holland Keep The Link!

After a successful trip by Neil Walker and Cristin Bouchet to Walcheren, Holland in January an extended hand of friendship and “Return Match” on local soil was recently convened between Neil and Arthur Van Beveren who is not just a member of Stichting Bunkerbehoud in Holland, but co-runs the immensely successful There is a lovely section on Jersey which Arthur has forged over several visits to our Island, this time, scratching a little deeper under the surface was Neil’s plan.

Neil and Arthur have been friends for many years after a very “chance” first meeting in St. Malo a long time ago and Neil was determined to show off as much as he could to Arthur during his visit here.

Bunkers, Tunnels, Observation Towers, Cold War Defences, more tunnels, Panzermauers, more towers, beer, a HUGE amount of photography, more bunkers, more beer were some of the general themes. Occasionally, there was time for eating and sleeping….but not much!

Type 617 Netzknotenpunkte 'A' at Mont Rossignol

Along the way several contingents from CIOS Jersey assisted greatly to provide even more to see for our guest. Notable thanks due to the MP3 Crew, the Stp. Corbiere Contingent, The Noirmont Suspects, and some random Archivist who found a piece of concrete to look at :-) Thanks guys great team effort!

We think Arthur had a nice time, he was caught grinning with a massive smile more than once and reports are he went home tired and happy for a rest and a newly found addiction for chocolate digestive biscuits.

Well done CIOS Jersey for the team effort, it’s been great to see Arthur during frankly amazing weather for October in this place!

Neil Walker