Guided Walk From Le Braye Area South

A Guided walk of Resistance nests Le Braye, Les Carrières and Einstatz Höhe 201 and led by Tony Pike was well attended and enjoyed by society members on October 11th. The walk started with a short stroll to the nearby remains of the stone crusher that was built to construct the Anti-Tank wall PZM 3, where Tony explained where the necessary aggregates came from, and how they were transported to build the fortifications.

Next was a visit to the Le Braye Resistance nest, and a unique opportunity to look inside the Type 631(b) 4.7cm PaK 36(t) bunker which is not normally open to the public.

German soldier at RN Le Braye

Tony showed many photographs to members along the way to Les Carrières, giving a fascinating “Then & Now” look at the landscape and extensive trenches linking the two Resistance Nests. At Les Carrières, the Jäger casemate 10.5cm K331(f) and Type 631 4.7cm PaK 36(t) bunkers were visited. These bunkers are in the society’s care, but for environmental reasons they are not open on a regular basis, so it was nice to see them.

German soldiers at RN Le Braye

Next was a visit to a unique type of Tobruk stand on the landward side of the five mile road, then to the minefield “Mont du Feu” where Tony and Alex Fearn displayed and explained the operation of some Teller, S, and Schumine that were laid in the area. Finally, a steep walk up the dune to Action Post 201, where again more photographs, history and personal accounts were read from soldiers who were stationed in the area during the occupation.

Archive photos: CIOS Collection