Ho 19 Visit

The CIOS recently were treated to a rare visit to Ho.19 (The La Folie Tunnel). Originally conceived to be an Electrical Generation Station for the Harbour works the tunnel complex itself was hewn further into the Mount Bingham headland some 103 meters.

Both Neil Walker and Colin Isherwood spent a long time in the pre-planning of this visit to introduce small groups into the complex via a guided tour approach. Aspects such a tunnel construction, blasting, the Organisation Todt and the relative positioning of the various terminations of the tunnel were highlighted to one of the largest attendances the CIOS was witnessed in many years (noted when the 100th person left the tunnels!)

Thanks go to Transport & Technical Services for working with Neil to help convene this trip along with Colin. Also of special mention was the excellent and trustworthy support from Paul Ronayne and Andy Habin.

A photo album with images from inside the tunnel can be viewed here.