Jersey Field Squadron Move German Flak Gun

Last week we had the privilege of meeting members of Jersey Field Squadron, who kindly moved a 20mm Oerlikon Flak 29 anti-aircraft gun from the 10.5cm Jäger Casemate bunker at RN Carriere up to Battery Moltke. The stand for the flak gun was found to be particularly heavy, weighing in excess of 300kg. The removal was complicated because no machinery of any sort could be utilised, because the bunker at Les Carrierès is situated in a sensitive environmental zone.

Against this background, It proved to be a challenge of both muscle and logistical expertise of the Field Squadron, lead by Cpl T Limbu. Utilising just scaffold poles and rope, the stand was lifted across the dune for approximately 100 yards to the main road, where it was loaded into a JCB and taken four miles to Battery Moltke.

Jersey Field Squadron members moving the flak gun stand

This was an extremely well carried out operation, carried out under difficult circumstances given the environmental concerns. The Society would like to thank the Jersey Field Squadron team who were: Bombardier of the 4/7 Royal Artillery Jim McDade, Private Bert Colantoni, Sapper Dale Quenault, Corporal T Limbu, and Sapper Joel Mc Larnon, Corporal Stephen Walsh & Keith Perry.

This very rare gun and stand will now form the centrepiece of a new display being put together by our Battery Moltke team, which will focus on Flak defences in Jersey during the Occupation.

The public are invited to visit Battery Moltke to see the Oerlikon Flak gun display at our first bunker opening of the 2015 season, April 6th, Easter Monday, up at Les Landes from 11am to 4pm.