Le Grand Blockhaus Group Visits Jersey

Last week the Society welcomed a group of French bunker enthusiasts to Jersey for a special VIP tour of our WW2 fortifications. The group, from Batz-sur-Mer, operate the Le Grand Blockhaus bunker complex there and were keen to return to Jersey since last visiting several years ago.

They toured each of the bunkers we operate as well as some Jersey Heritage sites, and also saw some lesser-known bunkers like Stp. Doctorhaus and the Kernwerk command bunker.Book cover - Atlantic Wall, Its most incredible Remains

We will be organising a trip to France to visit their bunker for a three-day visit to the Le Grand Blockhaus bunker and also the nearby La Rochelle bunker, a giant 300 square metre fortification built in absolute secrecy in 1941.

We have copies of their new book Atlantic Wall - Its Most Incredible Remains! which can be purchased locally from us for £22 or on their website for 35€. With more than 1400 photos, maps, and documents and covering Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, the Channel Islands and France, it is a fantastic record for any WW2 and history enthusiast.

A big “Thank You” to them for visiting Jersey and thanks are also due to our many volunteers who work year-round to restore Jersey’s fortifications, accommodate group tours, and open them to the public.