Live Firing Of German Hand Weapons

Saturday was a brisk but sunny day at Crabbé Shooting Ranges and a first of its kind event for the Society. A live firing of German WW2 hand weapons followed by some modern firearms for comparison. Kept in a private collection and kindly made available to a group of CIOS members, these were a rare treat for the firearms enthusiasts in attendance and a great opportunity to use and learn more about the older weapons. Accuracy was surprisingly good, even if some of the parts in use were approaching 80 years in age.

Among the firearms used were a standard German K.98 rifle in 7.92mm, a MP.38 in 9mm with a 32 round stick magazine, a Luger and a Walther P.38 both in 9mm.

All in all it was a very interesting day and a great opportunity to try something different. The Society would like to thank the Range Safety Officers for their expertise and advice (and patience!), which made for a very enjoyable and safe time for all.

Jeremy Hamon