Dr Gilly Carr 'Lager Wick' Excavation Lecture

CIOS Members are invited to attend a talk this Saturday 2nd April at the Société Jersiaise Members Room at 7:30pm.

Dr Gilly Carr, Senior Lecturer at the university of Cambridge, is back in Jersey with her team for the third and final season of excavation of Lager Wick, a forced labour camp in Grouville. She will be revealing to the audience the discoveries of the dig to date, and giving the audience a chance to see and handle the key finds, including the base of a mug showing an eagle and swastika, a schnapps glass and the button from an OT overseer uniform. She will be talking about how these objects and others have informed her interpretation of the site, and will be discussing current and future plans.

Dr Claudia Theune (left) and Dr Gilly Carr at Lager Wick

Gilly Carr is an archaeologist and historian at the University of Cambridge. She has been carrying out fieldwork in the Channel Islands for the last 10 years and is the author of over 50 academic publications, including ‘Legacies of Occupation: Heritage, Memory and Archaeology in the Channel Islands’, ‘Protest, Defiance and Resistance: German Occupation in the Channel Islands’ (with Paul Sanders and Louise Willmot), and, most recently, ‘Heritage and Memory of War: Responses from small islands’ (with Keir Reeves). She regularly speaks at international conferences, and her research specialisms include POW archaeology, Heritage Studies, and WWII archaeology.

Dr Gilly Carr