Fl 242 Bunker Excavation At Les Landes

The Society have a new project at Les Landes, at the Kriegsmarine Strongpoint Butts. A Naval Type Fl 242 anti-aircraft gun bunker (for a 2cm Oerlikon emplacement) is currently being excavated. Work proper started on Good Friday, and since then over nine tonnes of waste builders spoil has been excavated by hand! This was done to ensure the local environment and bunker exterior are protected from any unnecessary damage.

The entrance to the bunker, day 2

This bunker is one of two built to protect the Gema Seetakt radar mounted on the adjacent tower MP 3. A total of twelve anti-aircraft positions were planned, with six having been completed by mid-1944. Eight can be found today with six at Noirmont Point’s Battery Lothringen. This particular bunker was one of three constructed with crew quarters beneath, built to Fortress standard. The majority of the AA gun mountings consist of a central concrete pillar upon which the weapon is mounted, and a wooden platform encircling it for the gun crew - who are protected only by a low concrete wall.

The Society hopes to have this bunker ready for group tours some time this season, and we will further document any findings as the interior excavation work continues. The project is lead by CIOS Commitee member Tony Pike.

Tony Pike