Island War Memorial and PT 509 Memorial Services

A ceremony took place at Jersey’s War Memorial at Noirmont Point headland yesterday, which was attended by Chief Minister Ian Gorst, Bailiff William Bailhache, St Brelade Constable Steve Pallett, and Deputies Murray Norton and Graham Truscott.

Also a superb PT 509 memorial service organised by Alex Fearn took place, which was attended by Task Force 135 reenactors lead by Ricky Le Quesne and Simon Dodkins. Special thanks go to the Jersey Museum for the loan of the PT 509 artifacts, and to John Ovenden, who has written an authoritative book on the action which took place less than a mile off Noirmont Point on the 9th August 1944.

Tony Pike · Bailiff William Bailhache and CIOS Jersey President Paul Burnal (top)