K1 Bunker Reopening

Much planning and many years of background work has gone into the successful opening last Sunday of the K1 10.5cm coastal defence casemate bunker. This bunker forms part of the WWII German defence position Strongpoint Corbiere and complements the three already opened and restored bunkers under the care of the Channel Islands Occupation Society.

This Strongpoint is located on the granite headland forming part of the south west corner of the island of Jersey. The bunker was sealed after the scrap drive effort in the mid 1950s and with a few temporary re-openings in 1989 and 2006 this will now be opened up to allow for occasional organised guided tours. The K1 casemate will show how the scrap men left the bunker and will be a great comparison to the almost completely restored K2 casemate bunker, also forming part of the Strongpoint.

Many individuals, groups and States of Jersey Departments collaborated in the project lending their skills, knowledge, equipment tools and hard labour to open this bunker, without which this would just not be possible.

Going forward the Society is planning new site openings and will need volunteer support to help open the existing bunkers and become part of the great (and fun!) bunker teams at this exciting time. If you feel you can help please contact us - all we ask is that you are a member and can commit a few hours at some weekends and some evenings.

Photos: Alex Fearn