Slipway Revealed By Storm Action

A slipway dating from the 1860’s has recently been uncovered by the recent vicious storm Eleanor, which removed hundreds of tonnes of sand from in front of the German Anti-Tank bunker at Millbrook.

It is the first time in living memory that so much of the former slipway has been seen, with at least six feet of sand washed away, so much that in front of the gun embrasure, a granite ‘toe’ has been exposed showing the extensive use of the recycled granite from the slipway, used by the Germans as a good form of camouflage, which also conserved precious cement. Lots more granite from the slipway was recycled on other fortifications nearby.

The view from the bunker looking towards St Aubin

One of four Type 631(b) Fortress standard (Two meters thick reinforced concrete) anti tank bunkers that was built right on the path of the former slipway in 1942, that still can be found in St Aubin’s bay , this particular example was reopened in 1985 by the Channel Islands Occupation Society (Jersey) and was found to be something a time capsule, having all the original lining, fixtures and fittings , except the original 4.7cm PaK 36(t) Anti Tank Gun MG 37(t) co-axial machine gun for anti-personnel use.

This gun was taken for scrap post war, but has subsequently been replaced with an identical model from a bunker in Cherbourg, France in the 1990’s.

This exceptional bunker can be viewed on selected open days in the Spring & Summer.

Tony Pike