Strongpoint Corbiere Personnel Shelter Excavated

The Society has just completed the excavation of the 2 entrances to a “Kanalinsel Nr. 514” Personnel Shelter at Strongpoint Corbiere. This bunker is of a type unique to the Channel Islands and the only example of a Infantry Personnel Shelter in the Society’s care. Unlike the rest of the fortifications on the headland which would directly engage an attacking enemy, the bunker is designed to protect troops and light equipment during any softening-up bombardment until the soldiers were called on to emerge armed with mobile anti-tank and infantry weapons to counter any enemy penetrations inland or to form mobile diversionary parties as required.

Over the next few weeks the concrete sealing walls blocking the entrances will be removed and care will be taken to keep a section inscribed “G Ozard 3/9/51” who left his mark when the bunker was sealed after the removal of all steel fittings for scrap. The entrances will then be covered with protective GRP grilling which is a condition of the Planning Application. A red oxide painted “St.” indicating the bunker was bomb proof and also a “?” which appears all of Strongpoint Corbiere’s fortifications were exposed in the southern entrance during excavation.

Previously inspected, we knew the bunker had been stripped out and is also partly flooded. It is hoped the fortification will be restored and open to the public in 2020 to mark the 75th anniversary of the Island’s Liberation.

Special thanks to the Stp. Corbiere team and other CIOS members who have turned out to help on this project. Also to the Planning and Environment Departments for their support in this project.