Gunsite Anti-tank Wall - More Changes

Work has begun on raising a further 90-metre section of Panzermauer 7 in St Aubin’s Bay.

This is Phase 3 of the ‘Gunsite Flood Alleviation’ scheme - part of a long-term plan by the Department for Infrastructure, Housing and Environment to manage the impact of rising sea levels around the Island’s coastline. Under Phases 1 and 2 of the scheme, the low section of wall running along the promenade from the Gunsite Café as far as the ‘dummy bunker’ near Le Perquage was raised in 2017/2018.

A contrasting photo of the adjacent sections that were raised under Phases 1 and 2 of the flood alleviation scheme, showing the cantilevered, wave-deflecting design.

The contractor, Geomarine, is capping the remaining low section running from the ‘dummy bunker’ towards Bel Royal with a 30cm-high cantilevered wave deflector. The finished product will match the already raised section, and resemble the original, angular design of the unmodified section at Bel Royal itself.

Essential repairs will also be carried out on the wall, which has been significantly eroded by over 75 years of wave action.

At a recent on-site meeting with the States Engineer responsible for the project, the CIOS was advised that the work does not extend to the ‘dummy bunker’. At some point, the structure will need to be ‘pinned’, as its foundations have shifted, but there are insufficient funds to do so at present.

Article and photos by Matthew Costard