Social Distancing Bunker Openings

We are pleased to announce that our 2020 bunker opening season began today, with a trial opening at Battery Moltke at Les Landes.

Above ground today the weather wasn’t great, but underground there are many new displays and major upgrades were made to the complex in the off season.

This site is open again tomorrow, 14th June 2020, from 11am until 4pm.

Bunker Team Leader Robert Hall

Due to the current health crisis we are following the Government of Jersey’s guidance on ‘social distancing’ and hygiene, so visitors must keep a safe distance from each other and we have hand sanitiser available for visitors. Entry and exit is by different access points and foot traffic underground is one-way, with temporary signs and arrows to guide guests.

This is a large underground complex with tunnels meandering beneath the headland, so there is plenty of room for visitors to come and see the site while keeping well away from others.

A miniature rangefinder in a cabinet display

We hope to open additional bunkers to the public this season, however some are smaller and less suitable for opening during a pandemic, so please bear with us while we try to work out how to open additional sites safely.

Well done to the bunker team at this site, as they have been hard at work since October 2019 maintaining and upgrading this complex for visitors. The complex looks fantastic and the Moltke team look forward to welcoming the public tomorrow from 11am when they reopen. Entry is only £3, with Society members and under-16s entering for free.

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