High Ranking Officers Who Visited Jersey

General von Stülpnagel (Front left) photographed in St. Brelade’s Bay with Colonel Schumacher, the first Field Commander of FK.515.

Military commander of German-occupied France and commander of the 17th Army, General Heinrich von Stülpnagel visited the island in late 1940.

In November 1941 General Rudolf Schmundt; one of Hitler’s adjutants, visited the Island with Dr Fritz Todt.

Schmundt was described by Hitler as “the most indispensable of my aides and one of my favourite people”. Schmundt was also a close friend of Oberst. Friedrich Knackfuss, Field Commander of FK.515 from September 1941 until March 1944.

General Rudolf Schmundt

The irony of these visits? Although seemingly unconnected, these two High-ranking Generals paths would cross later in the war and with fatal consequences.

General Stülpnagel was implicated in the 20th July 1944 bomb plot against Hitler and after a failed suicide attempt was sentenced to death by the German People’s Court on August 30th 1944.

Thirty-two days after Stülpnagel’s execution, General Schmundt died as a result of his injuries sustained in the 20th July bomb plot.